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Simon McBride interview

I was very happy to interview Simon McBride (aka @smcbridemusic) via Skype as his music kept on showing up when I did some listening in shuffle mode to go through all the music I receive.

And each time it happened I said to myself  "I really MUST have this guy in the show!".

That's the method I use: I hit play and if the music I hear interests me I take a note. When it happened several times for the same artist, it really means I am on to something.

Extracts played before the interview:

Devil's Road (Since Then)
Tear Down Your Soul (Since Then)
Down To The Wire (Nine Lives)
Rich Man Falling (Nine Lives)

Happy listening,


PS: note that toward the end of the interview there is a weird offset between our voices so it sounds like we are talking at the same time and like

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