Marty Friedman
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Interview Marty Friedman – Tokyo Jukebox

Marty Friedman (aka @_martyfriedman_) is one of those guitar super stars who seems to be going from one project to another non-stop.

I had the pleasure to catch him on Skype for the interview you will hear in this episode. He was in Tokyo, I was in Paris so no surprise the sound is kind of weird here and there in the audio recording of the interview.
Extracts played before the interview

Weapons Of Ecstacy (Bad D.N.A.)
School Spirit Delin  (Bad D.N.A.)
Aitakatta (Tokyo Jukebox 2)
Canon A La Koto (Tokyo Jukebox 2)

En attendant la prochaine interview, continuez à bien jouer de la guitare !


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