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Eric Mcfadden interview

I met Eric McFadden when he was in Paris for a couple of shows as well as promoting his latest album "Bluebird On Fire". He has a great voice, knows his way around a guitar and has a very wide range of styles he masters, from rock to deep roots blues to more funky stuff as well as more melancholic music.

It was a pleasure to discuss with him, check out his music or his show if you live nearby.

Concert dates:

15/11 - Mantes La Jolie - Blues Sur Seine
16/11 - Mantes La Jolie - Blues Sur Seine
17/11 - Mantes La Jolie - Blues Sur Seine
18/11 - Mantes La Jolie - Blues Sur Seine
19/11 - Roanne - Papillon Bleu
20/11 - Ensisheim - Caf' Conc'
22/11 - Ensisheim - Caf' Conc'
25/11 - Blois - Maison de Begon

Bonne écoute,


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