@Richie_Kotzen interview

For this episode #150 I am very happy to present you with an interview from guitar super star Richie Kotzen (aka @Richie_Kotzen) himself! He was in Paris a couple of weeks ago for a concert and I had the opportunity to meet him right before the gig.

I cannot recommend enough his latest CD "24 Hours" which is shock full of good songs, excellent singing and awesome guitar parts.

Extracts from his album "24 hours" played before the interview:

  • Get It On
  • 24 Hours
  • I Don't Know Why
  • Help Me

Richie's guitar pics right before the show (notice the inboard tuner around the volume pot):



PS: thanks Michelle (aka @mholland5001) for putting me in contact with Richie's management to organize the interview.

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