The Rittenhouse Telecaster Story – Part 1

All this story began with a post on Muzicosphere about a giveaway for a Rittenhouse guitar...

Then one morning, on December 24th 2009, barely awake as I was checking my iPhone I see this Boxcar popup with this tweet:

I had WON!!! I checked, double-checked, triple-checked but it was for real I had won a free guitar. On Christmas Eve, how cool is that, he??! 🙂

As The Guitar Channel is about... guitars, I have decided to blog about each and every step of the making of my dream telecaster.

Here are the specs:

Based on a Fender Reissue 52.
Keith Richards Micawber as a reference but with a single coil in the neck position.
Body: swamp ash, 1 piece. Hole for a possible humbucker in neck position.
Color: butterscotch, blonde
Finish: nitro-cellulose
Pickguard: black, if possible with a second one for an Esquire configuration.
Bridge: vintage 3x2 in bronze but compensated for correct intonation (Callahan)
Neck: chunky C profile
Head: Rittenhouse logo
Strings: 10-42
Tuning pegs: vintage style
Relic level: high
Pickups: Lollar '52 T
Electronic: switch 3 positions + vol + tone
Volume and tone pots: usable on all their course, especially for the tone.

Here are the pictures of the one piece body swamp ash Abe sent me today:

To be continued...


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